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Why is Manager Claire Running the Edinburgh Half Marathon?

Mussel Inn Glasgow’s restaurant manager Claire Campbell is running the Edinburgh half marathon for Spinal Injuries Scotland. Hers is a truly moving story and we’re all immensely proud of what she’s doing and why she’s doing it!

On February 22, 1999, Claire’s father Ian was involved in a road traffic accident where a vehicle crashed into the back of his pick-up truck. Ian’s truck was pushed into motorway traffic in full flow and it collided with several cars.

Ian sustained serious injuries which resulted in him being paralysed from the neck down.

Ian’s daughter Claire who is manager at Mussel Inn Glasgow’s restaurant was only 10 at the time and she has grown up around her father’s injuries and is acutely aware of the need for loving support paraplegics and others with spinal injuries need from family, friends and the wider community.

So as a thank you and to raise funds and awareness for spinal injury sufferers and their conditions, Claire is running the Edinburgh Half Marathon on Sunday 25th May for voluntary organisation Spinal Injuries Scotland (SIS.)

You can read more about Claire’s amazing and uplifting story at STV Local and if you would like to help Claire by making a small donation please visit her Just Giving Page.