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We’ve ditched plastic straws!

Paper straws Mussel Inn restaurant edinburgh glasgow

Doing our bit for the planet – Mussel Inn restaurants in Edinburgh and Glasgow now only use paper straws.

At Mussel Inn we have always been big on recycling and in a bid to further reduce our carbon footprint, we have moved from plastic to paper drinking straws.

All waste produced by our restaurants is sorted and disposed of appropriately and by using paper straws we are helping to reduce the demand for plastic straws which are non-recyclable and often end up in landfill or the oceans.

While we recycle everything we can, one thing that has proved problematic is mussel shells! When broken down, mussel shells are good for using in fertiliser. We’ve tried sending mussel shells for recycling but recycling machines can’t cope with them and they break. If you have solution to this problem please let us know!