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Sue Biazotti Exhibition at Mussel Inn

Award-winning Scottish artist Sue Biazotti will be showing at Glasgow Mussel Inn’s Gallery from the 3rd of Feb to the 5th of April.

For this exhibition Sue is showing paintings that have been inspired by the sea and the warm Mediterranean light of Greece. Water and light have always been themes in Sue’s work, and in these recent paintings she contemplates waves on the beach and views over the sea to the horizon. Milos Beach is on the island of Lefkada and only accessible by land walking over a hill, and so is relatively unspoiled, and the sea is a wonderful shade of turquoise.

Beach Wave by Sue Biazotti

Beach Wave by Sue Biazotti

Sue lives and works in Glasgow. In 2005 she won the Aspect Painting Prize with a painting of her daughter Gabriella swimming under water, and she has just completed a residency at the Western Baths Club in Glasgow where she exhibited in December 2010.

Jan Patience, Art’s writer for the Herald, observed that Sue’s work is instantly recognizable but at the same time quite diverse. Ranging from landscapes, to abstract and superbly realized figurative work, there is a distillation process which happens during her painting process which holds the viewer in a moment and makes them stand still rooted in that moment.

So join us at Mussel Inn Glasgow over the next few months for a visual and culinary celebration of the sea.