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A special menu dish highlighting the quality of Scottish rope-grown mussels and other seafood found around our shores has been specially created by Mussel Inn restaurant in Glasgow to celebrate Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight.

Matt Johansson of Mussel Inn in Hope Street, Glasgow, devised the mini seafood platter dish so as to showcase the vast array of quality seafood that Scotland has to offer.

Mini seafood platter

Mini seafood platter

Using rope-grown mussels supplied by farms belonging to the Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group (SSMG), the mini seafood platter also features coley, seabass, prawns and scallops, which are cooked in an intricate recipe that includes crème fraiche, white wine and tarragon.

Mr Johannson said: “Scotland offers some of the best seafood in the world – so it’s entirely appropriate to create this new recipe for Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight.”

Mussel Inn's Matt Johannson with Stephen Cameron of the Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group

Mussel Inn’s Matt Johannson with Stephen Cameron of the Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group

Stephen Cameron, the managing director of SSMG, said: “Mussels are fantastic quality at this time of year and taste superb, so we are delighted that Matt has come up with this exciting new dish that highlights the very best of Scottish seafood.

“We are enjoying a boom in sales at the moment because consumers are increasingly recognising the versatility of mussels in the kitchen. They are easy to cook and are also very healthy to eat being low in calories and fat.”

The Mini Seafood Platter will be on the lunch menu (£9.95 including a glass of wine) of Mussel Inn in Glasgow and Edinburgh over Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight (3 to 18 September). Or if you fancy having a go at making it yourself, here’s the Mini Seafood Platter recipe.