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Mussel Inn Glasgow – Lunch and Business Lunch

Lunches at the Mussel Inn are popular with tourists, shoppers, locals and business people alike. Fresh, tasty and light dishes at very affordable prices (check our Menu and Prices), smaller portions if wanted, a quick, friendly service and the central location make the restaurant the ideal place for your lunch break.

The easy going and relaxing atmosphere of our restaurant help you to get a
welcome break from your job or the adventures in the city.

Book Ahead for Faster Service

A note to our business clients – we are aware how little time some of our clients have at lunch time.
If you can call us and place your order before arrival we will endeavour to serve you as quick as possible. 
Call us on 0843 2892 283 to book your lunch ahead.

Lunchtime Quickie Edinburgh & Glasgow

The Mussel Inn Lunchtime offer (The Lunchtime Quickie) – Our rapid service ensures you’re in and out in no time to get on with your busy day. Great service and great food for only £7.95!

Now available 7 days a week in Edinburgh and Glasgow
Monday to Saturday: 12 noon – 3pm
Sunday: 12.30pm – 5pm
Monday to Saturday: 12 noon – 2.30pm
Sunday: 12.30pm – 5pm

Our lunchtime quickie is ideal for busy people in or visiting Glasgow or Edinburgh who are short on time but with a taste for great seafood.

No more worrying about whether you will be served and finished in time to get to your next meeting, catch your bus/train or feed the parking meter.

Lunchtime Quickie Menu

  • Bowl of Mussels or Seafood Chowder with Salad or French Fries
  • Choice of sauce: Natural, Shallot, Red Pepper, Leek, Moroccan, Blue Cheese and Bacon