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Seafood Vitamins and Minerals

Fish and shellfish are sources of the fat soluble vitamins A and D and also can provide significant amounts of the B vitamins seafood is especially rich in vitamin B12.

The level of iron in molluscs such as oysters (mussels) is similar to that in red meat.

Shellfish are naturally low in fat, high in protein and replete with minerals such as magnesium, copper, selenium – and not to forget zinc, critical to male fertility, and the reputed source of the aphrodisiac in oysters.

Though one should also mention that other scientists suggest that perhaps the aphrodisiac effect itself has more to do with the rapid surge in energy provided by the readily available glucose that is stored as glycogen in the shellfish’s abductor muscle.

Seafood in any form is generally preferred over supplements such as cod liver oil since not only do fish and shellfish supply other important nutrients, but they also form a large part of a simple but delicious meal at Mussel Inn.

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Have just got home, having had these Mini Seafood Platters at lunchtime today. They were delicious, and accompanied by a generous glass of a very palatable white wine. We started with a bowl of onion soup, and also had asked for a bowl of chips between us, which was probably more than we really needed, but we ate most of them. The fries were very crisp and more-ish! Although we only get to Edinburgh a couple of times a year, we always try to call in at the Mussel Inn, as we know we won't be disappointed.

Blair and Philippa Robinson, York

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