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More info on Shellfish

Shellfish are filter feeders living off the plankton that grow naturally in the sea and so no artificial additives, chemical substances or medical compounds are used during on-growing. The whole process is more than “organic” in that the shellfish farmer is totally dependant upon nature and merely gives her a helping hand.

Mussels, clams and prawnsAs the cultivated shellfish spawn directly into the open sea during their growth cycle, they help to sustain and renew the very resource from which they are drawn. The long lines holding the shellfish act as floating reefs that provide food and shelter for numerous other marine species. Even the harvesting is environmentally-friendly in that the shellfish are taken from mid-water and not dredged off the seabed. The result is a product with a rich and succulent flavour that is completely free of silt and grit.

The Mussel Inn enjoys a direct link to the farmers who cultivate the mussels, scallops and oysters served in our restaurants. Although shellfish may grow faster and bigger in warmer waters most world records for fish and shellfish are held by Pacific rather than Atlantic species, it is only in our colder northern waters that they acquire the depth and richness of taste for which they are so famous and which leads to 80% of Scottish shellfish being exported abroad.

Scottish Shellfish

seafood platterOur succulent mussels and oysters are supplied by farms belonging to the Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group, which sustainably cultivate their shellfish in the pure waters of the Scottish west coast and northern isles. The UK’s premier producer of finest quality shellfish, Scottish Shellfish was formed in 1992 when a number of farmers, who did not have the resources to supply the market successfully themselves, combined as a co-operative to remedy this issue. It was an inspired move, and today the business supplies supermarkets, wholesalers and restaurants with the finest quality rope grown mussels and oysters.

Find out more about Scottish Shellfish.

But at Mussel Inn we bring these time-honoured delicacies to a new generation of local diners. As well as shellfish, we offer a “catch of the day” which is a fish dish sourced on a daily basis from one of our suppliers. Our puddings are made on the premises and are as fresh as any of our other dishes. The wine list is kept intentionally small. But it has been carefully chosen to offer a wide choice of country and grape variety within a price range that sets you free to experiment.