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Rubbing Shoulders Art Exhibition

Mussel Inn Glasgow seafood restaurant is proud to host the Rubbing Shoulders art exhibition featuring 10 female artists who have all “rubbed shoulders” with each other at some point during their careers. The subject matter is extremely diverse and there’s plenty of interesting ideas for Christmas presents or a wee treat for yourself.

Posh fish pie

Posh fish pie

The most experimental artist/printmaker showing is Silvana Maclean whose influence on the group cannot be ignored. Silvana is also a highly considered teacher. Silvana and her friend Sarah Keast both come from Moniaive Dumfriesshire. Sarah Keast is a very exciting printmaker.

Karen Lloyd, a trained textile designer, now paints and is also a printmaker. Two of Karen’s friends (they are all from Kendal) Janette Phillips and Annie Coxey, will also be exhibiting their mixed works.

Seabass with salsa

Seabass with salsa

Doreen Boogert, from Edinburgh, has exhibited at the Mussel Inn Gallery many times will show a small collection of her most recent works. Doreen’s friend, Marion McFarlane has involved two of her friends, Janet McCrorie and Karen Rogers. Marion, Janet and Karen, all from Haddington are all interested in the moving figure.

Our final artist is Anne Plutshack. Anne lives part of the year in America and the rest in Edinburgh. Her works are mostly life paintings.

The exhibition will show life painting, landscapes, moving figures, food studies and still life, all in various styles and mediums so there’s something for everyone!

The private opening of the exhibition takes place on Saturday 3rd December from 11am until 1pm.  Canapés and wine will be served and there will be 25% discount off lunch in the restaurant on this date.