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Mussel Inn Seafood Restaurants Reviews
Edinburgh and Glasgow

Food Edinburgh

Mussel Inn Edinburgh

ReviewWe like a bit of sharing action so we ordered the Tiger Prawns with chilli, garlic, and parsley butter. These were nicely cooked with that nice bouncy texture, not rubbery at all. The chilli was a welcome twist on the standard garlic butter.

Phil's Food World

Mussel Inn Edinburgh

ReviewIn culinary terms, there are few things worse than overcooked seafood, but on the flip side, fewer things more enjoyable. Our larder gives us a gift that we don’t appreciate enough, but thankfully The Mussel Inn exemplifies genuine artistry when it comes to handling seafood, and will leave diners with an overwhelmingly positive impression.

Gerry's Kitchen

Mussel Inn Glasgow

ReviewThe plump mussels were deliciously fluffy with an almost earthy mushroom flavour whilst the cooking liquor at the bottom of the pan was a meal in itself, rich with garlic and spicy from the chilli but the flavour from the smoked cheddar was the star of the show. I could have dipped my crusty bread in the spicy, cheesy sauce all night!

The List

Mussel Inn Glasgow

No ThumbnailMussels may be the raison d’être here but there’s lots more, from shellfish pasta in a creamy saffron-flavoured bisque to grilled sea bass or tiger prawns with noodles – meaning you can tread the traditional route of a small portion of mussels to start, or miss out the little orange delicacies if they don’t float your boat.