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‘Quadruple’ Figurative Art Exhibition April/May 2012

The Gallery at Mussel Inn, Glasgow will host a brand new art exhibition during April and May. Entitled ‘Quadruple’, this exciting display of art features four female artists: Jay Carlisle, Aine Divine, Rona MacLean and Marion McFarlane.

Jay's sliver   Rona's Sliver   Marion's painting sliver   Aine's sliver

The four exhibiting artists all met while studying under Damian Callan, the well known Edinburgh based artist. Their preferred subject is the figure although this exhibition demonstrates their skills across a range of subjects. All have their unique style of representation in a variety of mediums. Aine has been painting professionally for over 20 years, Rona is an experienced printmaker as well as a painter and both Jay and Marion have been interested in drawing and painting the figure for as long as they can remember. This exhibition brings together an interesting collection of their work.

We will be holding a Private Opening Saturday 31 March 2012 from 11am until 1pm and the exhibition runs from 31 March 2012 until 31 May 2012.