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Mussel Inn lands 20th anniversary celebrations!

Mussels with Applewood smoked cheese, spring onion and chillies - Mussel Inn

Just one of the fabulous dishes introduced to Scotland by Mussel Inn.

Award-winning Scottish seafood restaurant Mussel Inn was founded 20 years ago this month by a mussel farmer and a scallop farmer who came together to buck the trend of Scottish shellfish being exported directly to the continent by making it available in Scotland in their own restaurant.

The first Mussel Inn opened in Edinburgh in 1998 with the sister restaurant opening in Glasgow three years later.

The best quality mussels and seafood in Scotland

Renowned for its passion for delicious locally-sourced fresh seafood dishes providing excellent value for money and a quick and friendly service, Mussel Inn is headed by Swedish father and son team Janne and Matt Johansson, whose close contact with their shellfish farmer associates ensures they receive the best quality produce available at any given time.

Matt, Janne and Kristian

Janne Johansson with sons Matt and Kristian who head up the Mussel Inn restaurants in Edinburgh and Glasgow.


The restaurants’ mussels are grown on ropes in sea lochs on the West of Scotland and the Shetland Isles where they feed naturally in the plankton rich waters. Sustainability and care for the environment are of utmost importance to its growers.

Not just mussels on the menu

Yet while mussels remain a staple of the menu, the restaurants now offer a broad selection of fresh Scottish seafood dishes, including: grilled queenies; piri piri tiger prawns; crab salad; queen scallops; sea bass; tiger prawns; pan fried king scallops; char-grilled scallops; shellfish pasta; chilled or grilled oysters; and the famous seafood platter (pictured).

Mussel Inn Edinburgh staff celebrate 20th anniversary

Mussel Inn Edinburgh staff celebrate the restaurant’s 20th anniversary.

Mussel Inn Glasgow staff celebrate 20th anniversary

Not to be left out, Mussel Inn’s Glasgow staff do likewise!


Its sustainably cultivated oysters, nurtured in the cold, clear sea lochs of the west coast, grow more slowly than those from warmer waters, providing a richness and depth of taste that is unique.

Helped introduced mussels to Scotland

Reflecting on the last two decades, Janne and Matt recall that, when Mussel Inn first opened its doors, not many diners ate mussels and if there is one achievement of which they are most proud it is to have played a pioneering role in helping introduce shellfish into the mainstream Scottish diet – with all the associated health benefits that have been realised as a consequence.

Such is its passion for seafood that, over the last 20 years, Mussel Inn has raised funds for Fishermen’s Mission, the Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen.