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Muckairn Mussels Featured on STV

Mussel Inn’s mussel provider Walter Spiers of Muckairn Mussels was recently featured in an STV news video. The informative video sees Walter at his mussel farm on the shores of beautiful Loch Etive in Argyll. He demonstrates the mussel farming process in detail; how the farm works, where the mussels grow, stages of mussel growth and the harvesting process.

Walter has been farming mussels since 1985 so he knows a thing or two about them. He goes on to explain that mussel farming is the fastest growing sector in the UK seafood market, how healthy eating mussels is (especially for children), and how to cook fresh mussels.

Mussel Inn prides itself on the high quality of produce and ingredients used in our dishes, and are pleased to have a good working relationship with one of  the best mussel farms in Scotland.