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Kate Downie on Ripple Effect Exhibition

When you throw a stone into a pond, the water ripples travel out in all directions, touching other things, effecting small but significant changes over time.

I started teaching monoprinting techniques about a decade ago so I could share my passion for this versatile and dramatic medium. Monoprinting is a little like chess; simple to learn with a few basic rules, but with endless permutations to explore and develop. I had no grand plan of where this might lead or how popular the classes would be.

A decade on, I am delighted to be exhibiting alongside just a handful of the many talented artists who are busy taking monoprinting to new places, from those first workshops over an old etching press. Who is the student and who is the teacher becomes irrelevant, as it should, in this show.

I wish to thank my friend the artist printmaker Eric Scheele for showing me the first principles of monoprinting in Amsterdam in 1989 (who so precipitously felt this medium would suit my style of making) – without him none of this would have happened.

Also Anna Kristine Ferking, artist printmaker from the Skudeneshavn in Norway who I met and worked with during an artist’s residency on the island of Karmoy in Stavanger’s city of Culture 2008 celebrations. It was she who thought of the title ‘Ringvirkninger’ for this show, and who brings such colour to our exhibition.

Laura Gressani for her hard work and verve in conceiving the exhibition, and her fast developing curating skills, as well as providing a beautiful image for this invitation.

Thanks also to Doreen for introducing me properly to the works of Archie Sutter Watt, a wonderful artist and innovative monoprinter, an inspiration to us both.

To Silvana and Karen for joining us as a part of this new venture.

Kate Downie, January 2011