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International Monoprint Art Exhibition

An exciting new art exhibition opens at Mussel Inn Glasgow’s Gallery on April 9th and runs until May 31st. “Ripple Effect 2” features six renowned artists from Britain, Norway and France who have adopted the lesser known medium of monoprinting. The group consists of Kate Downie, Anna Kristin Ferking, Karen Lloyd, Doreen Boogert, Silvana McClean and Laura Gressani.

Sea Stacks

Sea Stacks

Monoprinting is technically the simplest form of printmaking. An artist only needs ink or paint, a surface such as metal or plastic, then prints the marks from the surface on to paper to create a unique print. Monoprinting has a long history that can be traced back to the seventeenth century and was often a fringe activity for painters eager to explore different avenues. It seems to have been forgotten and rediscovered several times and then circulated among groups of artists. This exhibition reflects the variety of approach to a single medium while allowing one to trace the exchanges that have taken place among this informal group of artists.

Private viewings will be held on Saturday 9th April 12 – 2.30pm and Saturday 7th May 12 – 2.30pm. Canapés and wine will be served and there’s the added bonus of 25% discount off lunch on these two dates.

Join Mussel Inn and the artists at these private viewings by calling us on 0843 2892 283.