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How to Prepare a Lobster

When buying your lobster, make sure that it is lively and it should feel heavy for its size.  You can uncurl the tail, when you release it the tail should curl back up and not just hang there.

Cut through the head beneath the mouth parts.

2. Place the knife on the head beneath the mouth parts. Cut through the head via this point to pierce and destroy the brain. Take care not to push the knife all the way through the head.  The lobster will still move afterwards but don’t worry it is dead.

Place the lobster on a flat surface, on its back, with claws tied.

1. The lobster should be on a flat surface, on its back, with claws tied. Hold it around the top of its head with a firm pressure to restrain movement. A large, sharp knife should be used for the cuts, e.g. a French cook’s knife.

Cut the lobster from the head through to the tail.

4a. Once cool, put the lobster belly side down on your chopping board.

Boil the lobster for 10-15 mins in salted water.

3. Bring a large pan of heavily salted water to the boil. Add the lobster and boil for 15 minutes and 20 minutes if it weighs over a kilo. Remove and allow to cool before next stage.

Remove the lobster's stomach, liver, roe and intestines

5. Remove the stomach sac and discard, remove the greenish liver and any red roe from the head section, this can be saved and used for a thermidor sauce. Also at this stage you can remove the intestinal tract from the tail.

Cut the lobster from head to tail.

4b. Start to cut it in half at the middle of the head first, then turn it around and cut through the tail.


Remove the meat from the lobster's claws.

6b.  Remove the tail from the shell trying to get the meat out as whole as possible.

Crack the lobster's claws and remove the meat.

6a. Using the back of a knife crack the claws and remove the meat, break up the knuckles/joints. Use the handle of a teaspoon to push the meat out.


7b. In the head section of the lobster put the meat from the joints in and the claw meat on top of that.

Cut the lobster's tail into small chunks.

7a.  Cut the tail up into small chunks and put the meat back in the tail section.


This is a great way to prepare a lobster for your guests as all the hard work and messy business is done for them.