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East Goes West Art Exhibition

It’s been a while since Mussel Inn Glasgow hosted an art exhibition so the Gallery is back with a bang as our stunning new exhibition is now underway. The exhibition runs between from Saturday 9th December 2017 until Saturday 3rd February 2018.

All the artists/printmakers are members of Edinburgh Printmakers and this exhibition demonstrates their unique and different techniques in painting, printmaking. The artists include:

East Goes West Art Exhibition 2017-18 Mussel Inn Glasgow

East Goes West Art Exhibition 2017-18 at Mussel Inn Glasgow.

  • Cécile Simonis an award winning artist who has a distinctive style in her paintings and print making.
  • Anupa Gardner makes beautifully detailed linocuts which always tell a story.
  • Jessica Crisp is a very experienced printmaker and technician, who specialises in etching.
  • Catherine Anne Hiley is an illustrator whose clever use of printmaking makes her work quite unique.
  • Kelly Stewart is showing some original boat paintings as well as her beautiful screen prints.
  • Louise Wilde combines observational drawings of animals and etching with stunning results.
  • Susie Wright‘s subject is nature and makes glorious paintings and screen prints with great success.
  • Rona MacLean is fascinated with trees and makes wonderful screen prints.
  • Doreen Boogert (show organiser) will mainly be showing monoprints.

Their works will be reasonably priced and can be collected after purchase on the opening day. Also available to purchase will be a selection of cards, unframed prints and other works.