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Discovery by Susan Christie

Our featured artist for March only is Susan Christie with her Discovery collection. Below is a taste of her work, so please do make it along to The Gallery to lose yourself in Susan’s bold and immersive work.

Since I was a child, I have always been inspired by the watercolour painting effect. Its light and dark, shadows and reflections, tones and shades create wonderful moods and movement. So just a few years ago, in 2008 I decided to try this long-loved medium having never picked up a paintbrush before. From the moment I did, I felt the excitement – like plunging into a sea of colour, discovering the pure pleasure of seeing and working with beautiful colour combinations. The mix of its delicacy and transparency captures to me the fragile beauty of butterflies’ wings, with the sense that if you blink you may miss something exquisite and unique.
May you enjoy every piece of original artwork as much as I have enjoyed producing them.


Susan Christie

Susan Christie, Discovery, No.1

Susan Christie, Discovery


Susan Christie, Discovery Collection

Susan Christie, Discovery

 I dedicate these sentiments to both my aunt Rua, whose love of colour is such that she gasps in awe at every flower and to my friend Cathy, who has been so encouraging as she believed in my artwork from the very beginning. I love them both.