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How to Prepare a Live Crab

Crab is one of the delicacies of the sea with sweet, succulent and delicious meat. Fresh crab needs to be prepared properly before serving or using as an ingredient. Learn exactly how to do it from Mussel Inn Glasgow’s [...]

How to Prepare Tiger Prawns

Tiger prawns are a succulent and delicious seafood treat and fresh ones need to be prepared properly before cooking. But don't worry, it’s really a simple, step-by-step process. Mussel Inn Glasgow’s Food and Beverage Manager Matt Johansson shows how [...]

How to Prepare a Scallop

Preparing scallops is a really simple step-by-step process. 2. With a sharp, flexible knife slide the blade between the two shells. 1. Rince the scallop to wash any sand and debris from the shell. Hold the scallop in one hand, [...]

How to Prepare a Lobster

When buying your lobster, make sure that it is lively and it should feel heavy for its size.  You can uncurl the tail, when you release it the tail should curl back up and not just hang there. 2. Place [...]

How to Prepare and Fillet a Whole Round Fish

What to look for when buying your fish for filleting: The fish should have bright clear eyes. The gills should be deep red in colour. Fresh fish is stiff and the flesh should be nice and firm to the touch. [...]

How to Shuck an Oyster

1. On a flat surface, place the oyster in a tea towel and fold the towel over the oyster. 1. Hold the oyster in a tea towel [clear] 2. Push the point of the oyster knife into the [...]