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New Dishes on the Menu

This week we updated our menu with some delicious new dishes for summer. If you’re in the mood for something light and summery we have the addition of a deliciously refreshing Crab Salad to complement our wide variety of starters. [...]

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We’ve ditched plastic straws!

At Mussel Inn we have always been big on recycling and in a bid to further reduce our carbon footprint, we have moved from plastic to paper drinking straws.

We’ve ditched plastic straws! 2018-02-02T09:30:20+00:00

East Goes West Art Exhibition

It’s been a while since Mussel Inn Glasgow hosted an art exhibition so the Gallery is back with a bang as our stunning new exhibition is now underway. The exhibition runs between from Saturday 9th December 2017 until Saturday 3rd [...]

East Goes West Art Exhibition 2017-12-15T11:30:13+00:00