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East Goes West Art Exhibition

It’s been a while since Mussel Inn Glasgow hosted an art exhibition so the Gallery is back with a bang as our stunning new exhibition is now underway. The exhibition runs between from Saturday 9th December 2017 until Saturday 3rd [...]

East Meets West Art Exhibition

East Meets West art exhibition at Mussel Inn Glasgow Dec 2014 - Feb 2015 Join us at the Gallery at Mussel Inn Glasgow's restaurant to view a superb collection of works by eight artists and print makers all [...]

December 2013 Art Exhibition

Large Fish – Carcassonne Market. Screen print by Doreen Boogert. New for December 2013 at Mussel Inn Glasgow Gallery..."On Our Travels"; an exhibition of Doreen Boogert's new paintings and prints developed from sketches and observations taken during trips [...]

Janet McCrorie & Val Macadam Exhibition Summer 2013

The Gallery at Mussel Inn, Glasgow is hosting a brand new art exhibition during the summer featuring two very different Scottish artists; Janet McCrorie and Val Macadam. Former Arts and Crafts teacher Janet McCrorie studied at The Open College of [...]

‘Quadruple’ Figurative Art Exhibition April/May 2012

The Gallery at Mussel Inn, Glasgow will host a brand new art exhibition during April and May. Entitled ‘Quadruple’, this exciting display of art features four female artists: Jay Carlisle, Aine Divine, Rona MacLean and Marion McFarlane.           The four [...]

Discovery by Susan Christie

Our featured artist for March only is Susan Christie with her Discovery collection. Below is a taste of her work, so please do make it along to The Gallery to lose yourself in Susan's bold and immersive work. Since I [...]

Rubbing Shoulders Art Exhibition

Mussel Inn Glasgow seafood restaurant is proud to host the Rubbing Shoulders art exhibition featuring 10 female artists who have all “rubbed shoulders” with each other at some point during their careers. The subject matter is extremely diverse and there’s [...]

Laura Coventry Photography Exhibition October 2011

In a welcome return to art exhibitions at Mussel Inn Glasgow's Gallery, Laura Coventry of Waverley Photography will be exhibiting from 6th October. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so former Daily Record journalist Laura Coventry has [...]

Kate Downie on Ripple Effect Exhibition

When you throw a stone into a pond, the water ripples travel out in all directions, touching other things, effecting small but significant changes over time. I started teaching monoprinting techniques about a decade ago so I could share my [...]

International Monoprint Art Exhibition

An exciting new art exhibition opens at Mussel Inn Glasgow’s Gallery on April 9th and runs until May 31st. “Ripple Effect 2” features six renowned artists from Britain, Norway and France who have adopted the lesser known medium of monoprinting. [...]